About us

We share a passion for healthy eating.

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MicroFood S.A. is a small, family business from Ostrzeszów, existing since 2011. We carry out drying of fruit and vegetables, as well as the construction and sale of complex technological lines. We offer food drying based on vacuum drying technology. We also provide consulting services and the possibility of creating dedicated samples and products.

In the drying process, we use our patented MIVAC-3 device. Thanks to the use of vacuum, water contained in fruits and vegetables is evaporated in a very short time and at a lower temperature than in traditional drying. Thanks to this, fruits and vegetables retain their nutritional values, as well as their original shape, taste and aroma.

Pulpit sterujący, suszarka wielobębnowa i transporter chłodzący

Dried vegetables and fruits are used to produce grits used in muesli, fruit teas and breakfast mixes, as well as powders, which are used to make cakes, creams, flakes and porridges.


MicroFood S.A. is a company with a stable position on the market. We sell our products through many channels to various places in the world. We focus on modern management and continuous improvement of our offer. We carefully follow trends, look for news, ideas and interesting flavors. We are inspired by the needs of modern consumers. We conduct thorough market analyses, which allow us to change and update our offer on an ongoing basis.



The most important thing for us is the consumer, but we also take great care of the environment in which our products are made. We focus on environmental protection, which is why we prefer fruit and vegetables from organic farming, which do not use toxic plant protection products. We use only the highest quality raw materials, not those genetically modified. 

All our products have the European Ecological Certificate and VEGAN certificate that are successfully renewed every year. As one of the few companies in Poland, we can boast of the IFS certificate – the international standard of food safety.

This is how we work

At MicroFood S.A., we employ professionals with different specializations, combined by a passion for healthy eating and ecological lifestyle. We are a small team with a friendly, family atmosphere. We give each employee a lot of freedom in implementing their own projects. The ideas of horizontal hierarchy and turquoise management in business are close to us. In our company, the superior is a partner open to dialog and cooperation.

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MicroFood S.A. is also the owner of the Puffins brand – crunchy and organic snacks made of vegetables and fruits dedicated to retail customers. Puffins are a healthy alternative to sweets, crisps and other salty snacks. Our dried fruit and vegetables are packed with a reusable opening and closing system, so they retain their taste, aroma and desired crunchiness for longer. Convenient packing system allows you to take Puffins with you everywhere – for a walk, for a trip, to work, to school, for vacations.