Puffins are crunchy fruits and vegetables available in whole or in comfortable pieces. They are created in the process of vacuum drying, the so-called puffing. This unique technology has allowed us to get the best out of nature – true sweetness, full taste and power of nutritional values. In this way, a natural and ecological snack has been created, which can be crunched between meals or replace a dessert, without losing the feeling of lightness and taking care of healthy nutrition.

We have closed Puffins in practical packaging, with a system of reopening and closing, allowing for a long time to maintain the desired crunchiness of the product. Thanks to that you can take Puffins with you anywhere – for a walk, to school, to work, for a trip, for training. They are ideal as a light and healthy replacement for traditional crisps and candy bars; it’s a tasty snack to crunch between meals.

All our Puffins fruits and vegetables come from certified organic farming. They do not contain added sugar, preservatives or artificial colorants. They do not contain gluten. They are suitable for vegans.


Freeze-drying and puffing are food processing processes that produce dried products with a long shelf life. Both methods allow to preserve the shape, color and flavor, as well as vitamins and nutrients. However, the two drying systems differ in the way they are processed and the final effect, i.e. the form and taste of the resulting food.



Freeze-drying consists in getting rid of water by freezing the product at -50°C. Then the raw material (e.g. fruit) is placed in a vacuum where it is sublimated. This means that the water evaporates directly from the frozen fruit without the liquid state. At the end, drying takes place at 40-50°C, which allows to obtain a finished product with humidity of 1-2%.

The resulting product is suitable for direct consumption, but can also be an intermediate product, e.g. a ready-made dish that needs to be poured with water.



Puffing is a much faster and easier process than freeze-drying. Pre-dried raw material is placed in a multi-drum drying machine. There, thanks to vacuum, the water contained in the product is evaporated at a low temperature and in a very short time. The whole process takes only a few minutes.



What makes puffed and freeze-dried fruits different is their crunchiness. The freeze-dried product does not retain its structure, is spongy and rubbery. Puffing guarantees that the natural form of the fruit is maintained and at the same time it is original and crunchy. Thanks to this, vegetables and fruits turn into an interesting snack in taste and structure. They can be eaten as an independent delicacy or added to prepared meals as a fruit or vegetable snack.



Puffed fruits and vegetables can be processed into crispy grits, which cannot be made from freeze-dried fruit. This makes it possible to obtain a crunchy sprinkle, which can be used as an addition to yogurts, muesli and other breakfast products, as well as a crunchy topping to cakes and other desserts.



Both puffed and freeze-dried fruits can be used in breakfast products, confectionery and pet food. Powder created from puffed raw materials is a product in which the composition is 100% fruit, without additional, unnecessary processing.