Quality policy

20 December 2019

Since 2011, MICROFOOD S.A., based in Ostrzeszów, has been producing and trading dried fruits and vegetables on the Polish and foreign markets. We offer a wide range of services related to the drying process.

The context of the environment in which MicroFood S.A. operates determines the market and the needs of customers that shape it. This makes us, as a company, obliged to observe the market and constantly learn new skills needed in a rapidly changing world.

The mission of MicroFood S.A. is to meet the expectations of customers who are looking for tasty, safe and ecological products from dried fruit and vegetables. We deliver products of the highest quality so that the customer feels 100% satisfied when buying them. In contact with the customers, we use simple and transparent language – in this way we become a reliable and solid partner for them. Both in business contacts and in the production process, we are willing to use innovative solutions available on the market and we are constantly improving our own qualifications because, as a company, we realize that without such actions we cannot compete on the global markets.

The external and internal environment is extremely important for any organization. Our focus is on those external and internal factors that determine the market success of a company. We make every effort to ensure that the products offered by us meet both customer requirements and applicable law. All thanks to the solid work of our staff and the implemented quality management systems. Constant estimation of the risk resulting from various external factors allows to shape the product and improve the company’s operations. Introducing further quality certificates is important for us not only from the business but also from the ethical point of view. We set a higher standard and the certificates documenting it are at the same time obligations to work even harder.

The implementation and effective functioning of quality management systems and continuous improvement of its effectiveness are aimed at:

  • growth of customer confidence and thus product sales
  • expansion of sales markets
  • obtaining repeatability and durability of products and goods
  • working to ensure food safety and compliance with applicable law
  • health security
  • reduction of harmful effects on the environment
  • improvement of work organization and improvement of employees’ awareness and responsibility
  • improvement of production processes, including production for the retail and industrial markets

Realizing that the development of the company depends on the satisfaction of our customers, we undertake to produce products of high and stable quality, that is safe for the health of the consumer, as well as trade in goods that comply with the specification of high and stable quality, which will be carried out based on meeting the expectations of our customers and legal regulations.

We intend to implement the quality policy by setting strategic goals and systematically supervising their implementation during internal audits and system reviews carried out by the company management:

  • creating opportunities for the development of acquired specialists, offering them training and opportunities to improve their qualifications
  • improving the existing infrastructure in the processing plant
  • working on new products and continuous improvement of those already on offer
  • expanding markets by traveling to trade fairs, participating in economic missions and participating in competitions organized by state and EU institutions
  • improving the company’s profitability by introducing new technologies and new products
  • increasing pro-quality awareness of employees as well as discipline and organization of work
  • introducing new types of production, including industrial production for customers who process our product
  • working on communication both outside and inside the company,
  • carrying out an analysis of risks and all threats affecting health security

We oblige the company’s employees to make every effort to implement the Quality Policy and achieve the set strategic objectives through the implementation of operational goals.


President of the Management Board 

Piotr Barczyk


QMS Officer

Agnieszka Berger